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Rafax Dark Champion of the Horde

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Rafax Dark Champion of the Horde

Post by Rafax on Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:07 am

I was born in the harsh lands of Draenor,i grew up in the midle of an war camp i knew i was destined to great things as all of the shamans pronounced.When i was of age i started entering the campaings on azeroth.But when the humans imprisoned all of the orcs i wasnt an exeption i was on the camps they made, when thrall led the revolution he chose 3 warriors to be at his side during the escape 1 of them was me ,we had to run and fight off some of the ambushes the humans had prepared as soon as they heard of the escape , after runing for a very long time i decided i couldnt run more and i turned back to face the humans that tried to trap our proud race again, i fought for long enouph to make possible for the warchief to escaped safely but i ended up being caught by 1 of the curators thats was supervising the camps.I was imprisoned on an undergroud cave filled with filthy demons and monsters and then the humans left and blocked the entrance with rocks so i couldnt get off there alive, i dwelled in the caves for what seemd months fighting off demons and all kind of monsters , eating corrupted flesh and drinking the bests blood, after killing everithing inside this cave i had endured the hardest chalenge ever and eventualy i managed to destroy 1 of the rocks blocking mi path to freedom, i walked on human lands for weeks until i found goblins who ofered to transport me too the warchief encampment in the barrens,when i arrived there there was only the smell of rotten flesh and a decimated encampment destroyed by the elves from Ashenvale a nearby forest, but then i saw an orcish patrol that was fighting off some elves as fast as i could i aided them in killing the elves, after that they took me to what looked like an encampment taken from the satyrs and rebuilt by fellow orcs, the warchief together with Grom Hellscream planed or next move i waited untill they finished to go talk with the warchief that soon recognised me, he said to me that i would help bring an end to all of this, sudenly i waked up.I just had a dream off mi past a glimspe of mi memory the shamans sid i would recover it sooner or later i just needed time but from what i know for now, i was once a proud champion of the horde, i was on 1 of the expedition teams sent to patrol the eastern plaguelands .
Our scouts advised Thrall of the presence of the Lich king and hes servants there and so he sent me and some of the royal guards to see what the Lich King was doing at the eastern plaguelands , for the first time since we when to Northrend he was now in one of the many places he once helped destroying.
At night some of the guards would stay awake patroling the surrounding of or encampment, to find out any undead near the camp , and then we heard a scream near the camp. I got up , picked up mi blade and whent to the woods to find out what hapened ,i was walkin and trying to find out where the scream came from and then i found the bodie of 2 of our scouts, there bodies where mutilated with claw marks, i heard noise coming from behind me i turned aroud and saw the rest of mi team we where now reduced to 8 men.We decided to go back and try to get to undercity or some of the outposts near. We walked all night and when we where near The border of the plagueland we where attacked by a small army of ghouls around 80 and 5 abominations they where easy to kill but when the necromancers arrived they would just raise skeletons from the ghouls bodie's, for each ghoul we killed 4 skeletons appeared we realized we had no chance , then i tried to open way from the ghouls sorrounding us so one of our scots could run to orgrimar, but then on the top of the hill we saw the lich king himself he was there watching us fight to the death and then he sumoned more ghouls, they where so many now that we couldnt survive , some of us started dying from the wouds at the end only me and one of the guards ware alive but not for long becase the Lich King sumoned a frostwyrm to kill us.
After that i only remember wayking up sorrounded by scourge but i couldnt control myself i whanted to kill them but i couldnt move . I realised i was ressurected by one of the necromancers to serve the Lich King as one of his most powerful servant, he was ressurecting the strongest of his enemies to serve him.
After spending months killing and destroying under the Lich King will i started regaining control of myself, one night iwas sumoned by Morgraine and he sayed to me that i should run away from the Ebon Hold he had prepared a Chain of Underground tunells to tak me to the Western Plaguelands. I said to him i would go away, he said that i should go right now before it was to late. I did what he said and after walking 2 days on the undergroud tunel i got to western plaguelands where i found a team Of the Chaos exploreres hunting. They tried to kill me but they realised i wasnt under the Lich King will anymore and helped me get back to orgrimar.I stayed at orgrimar for maybe 1 month trying to heal of the woudns i had, with the help of the Shamans i could heal of most of them but my eyes had been cursed with ice by the necromancers and the Shaman couldnt remove the curse, i returned to the Western Plaguelands to meet with the Chaos Exploreres again to join them .Now i live with them on an abanoned part of The temple of Ahh'Qiraj. I hunt with them everyday, ive been helping in the war of the Nexus and some call me The Dark champion.But i now live for one purpose and that is the one of killing Arthas Menethil.
The Dark Champion always needs to get a good chalenge to train for he carries the burden of a race, so he works with the chaos exploreres and also does some mercenary work for whoever needs it, if you need some kind of asistance on anything just find me roaming northrend or in the darkest corners of the world .

Thnx for reading i hope you like and srry for any errors it may have . I know maybe its bad but well i gad to try lolz.Will keep updating it has i have more ideas.(i copyed from mi lore post on project chaos couldnt write all again XD)


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