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Forum Rules!

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Forum Rules!

Post by Kafka on Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:25 am

Forum Rules

  1. Do not flame other users. Flaming is when you treat another user in a disrespectful way.

  2. Double posting (posting twice in a row) is not allowed. When you post something right after another post of yours, it is considered a double posting. Exceptions: If you're making a thread/post that has more pictures than the limit allows, you may double post. But don't just put a bunch of emoticons in your post so you can double post "legally." Also, you can double post application threads, but only to bump them back to the first page. If it's still on the first page, you can't bump it.

  3. Do not bump old threads (AKA: necro-posting). Making active an old thread (lets say, a month) is considered bump. Exception: You can bump pinned threads and application threads.

  4. Do not spam. Off-topic posts or already-answered questions will be considered spam. Spam threads will be locked and junk'd. Spam posts will be deleted without warning.

  5. Each forum has a specific purpose. Before posting a new thread, check that you are posting in the correct forum.

  6. Before asking something, make sure that your question has been answered by using the SEARCH OPTION at the top and the left of the page. You can go to the search option here .

  7. DO NOT BEG. It is hard to help someone who constantly begs for assistance.

  8. Do not continue a topic in another one. Stick to the thread where you started the topic.

  9. No sex/racial/religious/social/political discrimination of any kind.

  10. No sexual/pornographic discussions or image use.

  11. No illegal/piracy discussions.

  12. You will be suspended for 5 days if you are warned 10 times or have made a severe infraction of the rules at the discretion of the moderating team. If you are suspended for a second time your account will be permanently banned and any account suspected to be owned by you will also be permanently banned without warning.

  13. Respect the original poster's wishes. If he/she states a rule in the topic post, even if it's not a forum rule, it's a rule in that thread.

  14. Administrators or moderators do not take any responsibility for the comments users of this forum may make.

  15. This forum is not a democracy. Also, not every single rule can possibly be listed here. Warns are based on staff discretion.

  16. Chat conversations brought into the forum are forbidden, so for example, if someone dares you to spam the forum on msn, do NOT do it.

Any other rules not listed can be found here. ( click here )

These are the rules enforced by the phpBB community. We enforce these rules as well.

A Guideline Video..

To help you efficiently operate in this board.

Viewer discretion is advised. No screamers.
( click here )

In a nutshell, the video says..
Before making a new topic..

Ask the following questions!

1st: Will it contribute?

• Opinion?
- Back it up with reason.

• Question?
- Provide enough information so others can help you.

• Something to say?
- Say it respectfully.

2nd: Has it been posted before?

• Search
- One of Project Chaos' Forums best kept secret is the Search option. It's quick and easy: use it or else!
- It's always better to post in an existing thread then to start a new one! Be careful not to necro-post.

• Check the forum stickies
- There is a good chance that your question might've been answered in one of them.

3rd: Is this the right forum?

• Read the forum name and description. Simple as that.

Project Chaos General Rules

• Do not ask to become any member of staff.
- Asking to be on staff is a good way to never be on staff!
• Never ask GM's for items, gold, spells, or skills. You won't get them!
• People who want to multi-box can! No more then 5 accounts may be logged on at once though.
• Don't demean other servers while on Project Chaos, we're well aware of how awesome we are.
• Don't complain about server stability, we know at times it can be a bit bad but we are always working on these things. There is a difference between feedback and complaints.
• Do not trade anything on Project Chaos for real life currency!!
||||| Never. give. out. account. information. NEVER. |||||

Verbal Abuse and Harassment
• Don't disrespect any members of Project Chaos' staff.
• Absolutely no insulting, being disrespectful towards other players, being extremely profane/obscene, or being demeaning or racist towards any players or guilds.
• Begging is a form of harassment! Do not beg for money / items / leveling services of any kind to people you don't know.
• No spamming, you do not need to sit and yell the same thing in a city over and over.
- Example Spamming: Sitting in the Mall yelling "LFG" saying about 10 lines in 15 seconds is not needed at all, other players heard you I swear they did!
• Don't kill steal monsters from players.
• Bashing/degrading Project Chaos and/or it's servers will not be tolerated at all. Stating opinions are fine but saying "Project Chaos sucks" would be bashing the server.
• Absolutely NO advertising of other servers while in-game / out of game.
- This is an english speaking server we ask you to please speak English while using /say and the public chat channels.

• Anywhere considered a Sanctuary zone is to abide by it being a sanctuary.. meaning NO PvP is to be had while in them.
• Do not abuse any flagging bugs; Shamans do not cast totems on other faction when you yourself cannot be harmed back. Hunters do not set pet to aggressive and attack other faction when you yourself cannot be harmed back.
•There is to be absolutely no dueling, or any form of PvP inside and around the mall(s). PvP in cities are fine but you must quickly move through the mall(s) to the city itself before partaking in any PvP.

Bug Abuse and Exploiting
Report all bugs in our in the 'Bug Reports/Name and Shaming' forum!
• No bugs or exploits are to be abused, if you have found one report it in said forum [stated] above or to a GM via ticket or forum PM. (reporting bugs may get you rewarded in some cases!)
- Example: Something like the Bind on Pickup Trading, items you get from raids that you can trade/sell that normally you couldn't is a bug
• The use of bugged skills and items (such as quest items) is of course forbidden, most items that cause major harm are or have been removed, and will always be that way 'till fixed. If you find an item or see that a skill is bugged ALWAYS report it to the 'Bug Reports' forum, or PM the staff on the forums with item name and what it does.
- Questions on whats forbidden to use? Sometimes its obvious after you use something, other times you may want to be 100% sure.. Always check the forums and see whats being said about other items and the likes. Further questions can always be answered by PM'ing a GM or Developer.
• Sharing exploits or other means of learning of exploiting using shady websites and forums is forbidden in game.

Hacking and Third Party Programs
• We have 0 tolerance against any form of hacking or third party program use.
- Hackers when caught get everything banned permanently.
- Hackers are constantly hunted down for, reading this is your only warning.
• Using third party programs (Such as WPE, and MMOGlider just to name some) is forbidden, and you will be banned if found using them.
• This of course makes botting bannable, do not do it!
- You get no second chances if you are in this category. No warnings are given to hackers, the Ban-Hammar is very painful and swift with this judgement.

Misleading other players to buy goods or taking advantage of something the other did to gain for themselves.
• Impersonating Staff to gain any info from players' account will result in your permanent removal of our servers.
- Legitimate scamming report you have on another player can be reported in the *(add forum name here!), screenshots and a background story of what happened are needed. No guarantee about item being returned but always that chance.
• We do not want you trading your account or characters you have worked on, it is nothing but trouble.
|||| Trading characters / accounts for ingame stuff such as gold or other things is at your OWN risk. Do not PM a GM or report this if you get scammed out an account as we do not want you doing this anyways. ||||

Character and Guild Naming Policies
• Do not use profane, racist, or demeaning words in your guild names or character names.
- If you really need to know whats offensive/racist/demeaning PM a staff member, they will clear up anything you have questions on.
• Do not name your characters after other WoW servers as well, this is considered advertising.
* Guilds will be disbanded if they are found to have an offensive name and character names that are offensive will either be forced to rename, or banned.
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