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Post by Mortestrasz on Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:51 pm

Mortestrasz was the favored apprentice of Tyrannastrasz- The Scholary One. Tyrannastrasz thought him almost everything he knew in the arts of magic-especially fire magic-ever since Mort was only a whelpling. But during The Second War, the demon-corrupted orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan, captured Tyrannastrasz, Alextrasza and several other dragons, including his father(nothing else is known about Mortestrasz' life and family, other that his father beeing one of the Dragon Queen's royal guards) forcing them to mate thus breeding red drakes to serve as weapons of destruction for them. Being left without their leaders, the Red Dragonflight had succumbed to uncertainty and confusion..and several smaller groups were created..they were no longer the large society they once were.

Devastated by his father's capture, Mortestrasz asked for aid from his young brethren in an attempt te rescue him and the Dragon Queen. The others refused, insisting that it would be foolish to tackle the orcs that captured their leaders, on their own..they were to young. Overwhelmed by anger, Mortestrasz sought to take matters into his own hands.

Mortestrasz approach of the Dragonmaw Camp was all but stealthy. He was easily discovered by orc scouts, and quickly surrounded by orcish warriors and warlocks. Mortestrasz fought valiantly as much as he could, but the young drake was no match for the warlocks' powerful demonic powers. He suffered the same fate as the other dragons who opposed the orcs...he was captured.

During his imprisonment, all Mort could think of, was the power that had defeated him so easily. This was the power that his father and master always warned him to stay away from. Demonic power. Weakened by torture, Tyrannastrasz used whatever as left of his power to free Mortestrasz and help him escape and his father ordered him to flee and never to return and try something as foolish as what he did again. And so Mort escaped.

Mortestrasz decided to make one final attempt at freeing the enslaved dragons, but this time, he would use the orcs' own powers against them. Fight fire with fire. And so he began practicing the ways of the warlock. As the days passed his brethren started disconsidering him for trying to wield such evil magic. Mortetrasz thought he was now more than ready to face his enemies once more. His assault over the orc encampment was successfull and he nearly succeeded in wiping the orc camp from the face of the earth. Alas, Mort was to late. Tyrannastrasz, his father and several others were dead. Overcome with grief, he aided in freeing Alextrasza and the remaining survivors, and fled to safety.

Upon returning home to his now confused brethren, Mortastrasz took a vow to stop practicing dark magic for good. But he had already became addicted by it, his soul now unwillingly fed upon the demonic energies he now wielded. Knowing that sooner or later he would succumb to corruption and the other dragons would look at him like a monster and see him as a threat, Mortestrasz decided to go into exile, and promised himself never to return until he controlled his dark thirst. Upon leaving, Mort burned every documents that proved his existence(and this is why almost nothing is known about him). He spent years wandering the realms of Azeroth on his own.

During this time, The Red Dragonflight society crumbled into pieces, and the dragons fled to different parts of the globe..some in small groups..others alone. But recently a visionary young dragon named Kazrastrasza, under the guidance of Queen Alextrasza herself, succeeded in reuniting most of the scattered dragons, and formed a new society of red dragons called, The Ruby Dragonflight.

Now, an older and more self-controlled Mortestrasz is part of the Ruby Flight. He kept his promise of learning to control his dark powers, but he never gave them up. He is still in the belief that knowing how to use the powers of evil against itself is of great strategic importance. No demon would expect to see that kind of power from a red dragon, and he could catch their enemies unprepared, having a big advantage over them.

To this day, Mortestrasz is still learning how to control demonic magic, trying to convince his brethren that he will not become a monster.

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