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Post by Kazra on Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:55 pm

Kazrastrasza is the child of Alexstrasza, She was picked by Alexstrasza to be the next Red Dragon Aspect if anything happened to herself.
The Flight thought Kazrastrasza would be safe within Grim batol with the rest of the flight but Alexstrasza did not wish to risk anything. So Alexstrasza Removed Kazrastraszas memory and gave her the form of a young female High elf child named Kazra to protect the future Aspect from enemys of the Red Dragonflight.

Lord Krasus, Consort of the Queen then took Kazra far away to the lands of Lordareon. He Created the illusions of a Mother, Father and Brother to make sure Kazra would be looked after and too make sure there would be no suspicions. Over the years of growing up The powers of the life binder within Kazra began to seep out and the once illusions became real Elves.

Kazra grew up with a small group of children from the village. Fein was the first, he too was a highelf, second was a young human boy named Carth, the third of the group was Cemelia a small human girl and the final child of the group was Kazra's brother Zeeke. The group grew very close to each other and would often sit by the shore discussing the future. One day the children were sitting by the shore discussing how boring the village was. Fein wished that somthing would happen to bring a little excitement to the small village, a war, a monster or anything. The children all agreed but little would they know they would grow to regret those words.

12 years later

Kazra was standing at the shorline looking out into the open sea. She wore a basic red robe with golden inscriptions along the edges, in her hands she grasped a long golden stave and wrapped around her was her long thick crimson cloak. she recalled the conversation she had with her friends on the very same shore 12 years ago. Twelve years on from that the day the scourge had arisen and corrupted and spread through most of Lordareon.

At that moment a bell started ringing in the distance, the village's emergancy bell. She could see smoke rising from the direction of the village and could just about hear the villagers screaming and panicking. Kazra quickly ran towards the village, hoping that the scourge hadn't finally arrived in their home.

Five minutes later kazra arrived at the eastern entrance of the village where she found Camelia who was now a holy priest of devout. The two looked around, the buildings of the village had been destroyed, some were on fire, the air was thick with the smoke from the burning houses. the air was thick with the stench of decay. The village was littered with the corpses of the villagers and rotting zombies.

Kazra asked if they could go to the southern side of the village to try and find her family at the family farm. Camelia nodded at kazra. Deep inside Kazra knew she was too late, but she had to go and see for herself. The two set off towards the farm.

((more will come when me and aroman finish the machinma we are working on as that will have kazras life in it and as hes the script writer i dont know what happens yet Razz))
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